Alleged Copyright Infringers

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Ben Dover - Biography - Golden Eye – Speculative Invoicing
... to distribute Ben Dover Productions films and claims to be the "holder of numerous film copyrights" ... they send out letters, initially through lawyers, to alleged copyright infringers demanding a payment of £700 or face potential court action - a scheme which has been ... The company paid for a list of alleged BitTorrent file-sharers identities, and retained the services of Tilly Bailey Irvine to pursue the alleged copyright infringers for compensation, using what they claimed to be ...

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    The entire construct of the “medical model” of “mental illness”Mwhat is it but an analogy? Between physical medicine and psychiatry: the mind is said to be subject to disease in the same manner as the body. But whereas in physical medicine there are verifiable physiological proofs—in damaged or affected tissue, bacteria, inflammation, cellular irregularity—in mental illness alleged socially unacceptable behavior is taken as a symptom, even as proof, of pathology.
    Kate Millett (b. 1934)