Allan A. Moss

Allan A. Moss (December 3, 1854 – 1929), referred to as A. A. Moss, was the mayor of Newport News, Virginia. He is the only person to date to have served two nonconsecutive terms. His first span of office covered three two-year terms, from September 1, 1898 to September 1, 1904. By 1916, the term in office was extended to four years, and he served again from September 1 of that year to September 1, 1920. His terms saw continued growth of the city in its early state (having only been incorporated as an independent city in 1896). He presided over the dedication of the Newport News Victory Arch in 1919.

Preceded by
Walter A. Post
Mayor of Newport News
1898 – 1904
Succeeded by
Samuel R. Buxton
Preceded by
Bernard B. Semmes
Mayor of Newport News
1916 – 1920
Succeeded by
Philip W. Hiden
Name Moss, Allan A.
Alternative names
Short description
Date of birth December 3, 1854
Place of birth
Date of death 1929
Place of death

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