Alignment may refer to:

  • Alignment (archaeology), secondary evidence used to associate features such as postholes
  • Alignment (political party), in Israel from 1965 to 1992
  • Alignment (role-playing games), the moral and ethical perspective of the characters, monsters, and societies
    • Alignment (Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Body alignment, in sports and dance, the proper placement of bones so that muscles do less work
  • Business/IT alignment, how well an organization is able to use Information Technology to achieve objectives
  • Constructive alignment, a method of devising teaching activities that directly address learning outcomes
  • Data structure alignment, arranging data in computer memory to fit machine design
  • Morphosyntactic alignment, the linguistic system used to distinguish between the arguments of transitive and intransitive verbs
  • Ontology alignment, the process of determining correspondences between concepts
  • Parallel text alignment, the identification of corresponding sentences in original and translated texts
  • Planetary alignment, in astronomy, a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies
  • Sequence alignment, in bioinformatics, arranging the sequences of DNA, RNA, or protein to identify similarities
  • Shaft alignment, in mechanical engineering, aligning two or more shafts with each other
  • Stone alignment, a linear arrangement of upright, parallel megalithic standing stones
  • Structural alignment, establishing similarities in the 3D structure of protein molecules
  • Typographic alignment, placement of printed matter relative to a page, column, margin, etc.
  • Wheel alignment, automobile wheel and suspension angles which affect performance and tire wear
  • Road or railway alignment, the route of a road or railway, defined as a series of horizontal tangents and curves; see: Geometric design of roads

Other articles related to "alignment":

... Align-m is a multiple sequence alignment program written by Ivo Van Walle ... accomplish the following tasks multiple sequence alignment, include extra information to guide the sequence alignment, multiple structural alignment, homology modeling by (iteratively) combining sequence ...
C++11 - Core Language Functionality Improvements - Control and Query Object Alignment
... C++11 allows variable alignment to be queried and controlled with alignof and alignas ... When given a reference type alignof returns the referenced type's alignment for arrays it returns the element type's alignment ... The alignas specifier controls the memory alignment for a variable ...
... AMAP is a multiple sequence alignment program based on a new approach to multiple alignment called sequence annealing ... consists of building up the multiple alignment one match at a time, thereby circumventing many of the problems of progressive alignment ...
Pennsylvania Route 646 - History - Designation
... The rest of the current SR 646 was an alignment of SR 59 ... The entire alignment of SR 646 was paved in 1930 ... until 1946, when SR 746 was decommissioned in favor of extending SR 646 over its alignment ...
Pennsylvania Route 478 - History
... The alignment of Route 478 began in the 1928 numbering of state highways as an unnumbered state highway ... However, the next year, the alignment was designated as part of Pennsylvania Route 238, which ran from Saint Petersburg to Shippensville ... In 1936, the alignment was replaced with Route 378, which remained intact as its alignment designation until 1961, when Interstate 378 was designated for a freeway in Bethlehem ...