Alexander The Great and The Kambojas - Battle With Ashvakayanas (Assakenoi) - Arrian's Account

Arrian's Account

According to Arrian (Lucius Flavius Arrianus 'Xenophon') (circa 86–160 CE), Assakenos, the leader of the Assakenoi, fell on the fifth day of fighting and the Ashvakayanas sent an envoy to Alexander for peace talks. The two sides came to an agreement ensuring the safe exit of the tribesmen, provided they joined the Macedonians as mercenaries. The Ashvakayanas then left their citadel and camped on a hill facing the Macedonian camp. Arrian added however, "they had no wish to fight against their own countrymen and resolved to arise by midnight and flee to their homes". When Alexander was informed of this, he surrounded the hill that same night with all his troops and cut the tribesmen to pieces.

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