Albinism in Popular Culture - Notable People With Albinism

Notable People With Albinism

  • Salum Khalfani Bar'wan, a Tanzanian politician elected to the National Assembly of Tanzania in October 2010.
  • Michael Bowman, an American actor (Me, Myself & Irene)
  • Connie Chiu, an Asian-American female fashion model with Jean-Paul Gaultier
  • Cano Estremera, a Puerto Rican salsa musician
  • Diandra Forrest, an African-American female fashion model with Elite Model Management
  • Brooke Fox, American singer-songwriter
  • Winston "Yellowman" Foster (also known as "King Yellowman"), a Jamaican dancehall musician
  • G. Harishankar, a Carnatic khanjira drummer
  • Dennis Hurley, an American film producer and actor (The Albino Code, Running with Scissors), writer, comedian and singer
  • Ice a.k.a. Icy, an American pornographic actress with at least one Web-only and three DVD-distributed, commercially-produced features
  • Zephania Kameeta, a Namibian religious and political leader
  • Stanley Kaoni (also known as "Sataan"), a former Solomon Islands militant leader (Kaoni has light blonde hair and pale facial skin with some evidence of vitiligo, and appears to have developed some pigmentation especially on the arms; his particular type of albinism is likely to be OCA1b.)
  • Salif Keita, a Malian popular musician
  • Krondon, an American rapper and hip hop musician/producer, with the trio Strong Arm Steady
  • Malford Milligan, an American blues and soul singer
  • Corrie "Al Beeno" Moodie (also known as "Prince Yellowman"), a Jamaican dancehall musician now living in Canada
  • Mem "M" Nahadr, an African-American performance artist, author, composer, off-broadway producer, and jazz vocalist.
  • Ali "Brother Ali" Newman, an American hip hop artist
  • Hermeto Pascoal, a Brazilian jazz musician
  • Willie "Piano Red" Perryman, an American blues musician
  • Shaun Ross, an African-American male fashion model with Djamee Models
  • Seinei, 22nd Emperor of Japan (5th century)
  • Darnell Swallow, a contestant on Big Brother 9 UK (2008); noted for discussing albinism and his desire for acceptance with his on-show housemates, e.g. wearing a top with the words "Don't Label Me. Respect Me"
  • William Archibald Spooner, an Anglican priest
  • Stephen Thompson, a male fashion model with Givenchy
  • Victor Varnado, African American stand-up comedian and actor.
  • Levan Wee (a.k.a. Levan Ninja), a Singaporean singer with the band Astronija (and formerly with the group Ronin)
  • Redford White (Cipriano Cermeño II), a Filipino actor and comedian
  • Edgar Winter and Johnny Winter, American blues-rock musician brothers
  • David Wrench, a Welsh-born electronic musician
  • Zāl (Persian: زال‎), a warrior of ancient Persia (present-day Iran), mentioned in The Book of Kings and Shahnameh. Today, in Persian zaal is a term for albinistic people.

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