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History Of The Iranian Air Force - Post-Islamic Revolution - Iran–Iraq War
... The sudden Iraqi air strikes against six Iranian airfields and four other military installations, launched on the afternoon of 22 September 1980, came as ... they caused relatively minimal damage, and the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force retaliated fiercely to the invasion, flying strikes involving up to 140 McDonnell Douglas F-4 ... Intense Iranian activity inside Iraqi air space during the first week of the war managed to prove so successful that it eventually forced the Iraqi Air ...
USS Cotten (DD-669) - World War II
... screening the escort carriers providing air support and patrolling against submarines off Tarawa ... TF 58, later 3rd Fleet's TF 38) on 16 January for air strikes on the Marshalls on 29 and 30 January ... supported the landings at Emirau Island and screened the carriers as they launched strikes on Palau, Yap, Ulithi and Woleai between 30 March and 1 April ...
Forward Air Control - Korean War - War of Movement
... The first comprehensive airborne forward air controller program was developed in Korea ... Two weeks into the Korean War, the need for forward air control was starkly apparent, a powerful North Korean offensive was advancing so rapidly that the locations of the invaders could ... Tactical Air Control Parties struggled to direct the air effort, but found their powers of observation limited by rugged terrain, near horizons, and an ever shifting tactical situation ...
Pacific War Series - Historical Warships
... She was employed in mounting air-strikes against Japanese forces in Rabaul and New Guinea in February 1942 ... Her aircraft participated in air-strikes against Allied forces in Rabaul, northern Australia and Ceylon ... in the Pearl Harbour operation and later was responsible for air strikes against Wake Island, northern Australia and Ceylon ...
Timeline Of Yugoslav Breakup - FR Yugoslavia - 1995
20 June NATO requested UN permission for air strike on Banja Luka airport in response to violations of NFZ by Bosnian Serbs ... UN threatened to call for air strikes if Bosnian Serb forces moved closer. 11 July NATO air strikes ...

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