Air America (radio Network)

Air America (radio Network)

Air America (formerly Air America Radio and Air America Media) was an American radio network specializing in progressive talk programming. It was on the air from March 2004 to January 2010.

The network featured discussion and information programs and specialized in presentations and monologues by on-air personalities, guest interviews, calls by listeners, and news reports. Several shows had million plus audiences, and multiple weekday presenters continued on in radio, television, or politics after their time on Air America. For example, in 2008, The Thom Hartmann Program had 1.5-2 million unique listeners a week and The Lionel Show had 1.5–1.75 million unique listeners a week. Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, and Mike Malloy still have shows on other networks. Al Franken went from his show to the United States Senate, and Rachel Maddow moved her show to television on the MSNBC network.

However, the network was financially troubled. A scandal involving nearly a million dollars in loans from a Boys and Girls Club in New York secretly transacted by Evan Cohen came out in 2005 and was a source of negative publicity. The loans were repaid, and in October 2006, mounting debts forced Air America Radio to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company was bought by Green Family Media, made up of New York real estate investor Stephen L. Green and his brother Mark J. Green, who bought the network in March 2007 for US$ 4.25 million.

The company eventually changed its name from Air America Radio to Air America Media and lastly to just Air America, an effort to establish itself as a broadcaster on multiple media sources including television and the Internet, and one not merely relegated to radio. Always primarily a radio network, on January 21, 2010, Air America went off the air citing difficulties with the current economic environment, and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and liquidated itself. Bennett Zier was the company's last CEO including through the bankruptcy and liquidation.

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Air America (radio Network) - Affiliates
... As of October 2008,Air America programming was carried on 66 terrestrial broadcast stations,an increase of 10 percent over the previous six months ... During the first 4 years of the network'sexistence,Air America has lost 63 affiliates to other programming or formats ... AirAmerica counts any station that carries any of their programming as an affiliate,similar to radio networkssuch as ESPN Radio ...

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