Agadir Agreement

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Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area
... The Agadir Agreement of 2004 (FTA between Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt) is seen as its first building block ... The initial aim is to create a matrix of Free Trade Agreements between each of the partners and the others ... The Agadir Agreement is seen also as a stepping stone to the formation of a Great Arab Free Trade Area ...
Council Of Arab Economic Unity - Agadir Agreement
... The Agadir Agreement for the Establishment of a Free Trade Zone between the Arabic Mediterranean Nations was signed in Rabat, Morocco on 25 February 2004 ... The agreement aimed at establishing a free trade area between Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco and it was seen as a possible first step in the establishment of the Euro-Mediterranean free ... All members of the Agadir Agreement have since joined the Greater Arab Free Trade Area, effectively superseding the agreement ...

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