Afternoon Live

Sky News with Kay Burley, formerly Afternoon Live, is a three hour weekday news programme in the United Kingdom on Sky News, presented by Kay Burley. It combines rolling-news coverage with reports on various "human interest" stories. Additionally, regular updates are given on headline stories as well as business and sports news.

The show currently airs between 2pm and 5pm. Until October 2007, the programme ran for two hours, and aired between 12pm and 2pm, under the name of Lunchtime Live. Thereafter the programme ran for 4 hours (1300 - 1700) until the launch of The Live Desk in September 2008.

Mark Longhurst, Anna Jones, Lorna Dunkley, Martin Stanford, Steve Dixon, Martin Popplewell, Chris Roberts, Emma Crosby, Anna Botting and Allan King have all presented the show when Burley has been absent. Burley does not present on Mondays and the programme is just called Afternoon Live. On Mondays, Andrew Wilson or Lorna Dunkley normally presents.

Since April 11, 2011, Afternoon Live, along with other programming (except Jeff Randall Live and Boulton and Co), are now announced on air as just 'Sky News' with the presenter now sitting at the desk. Afternoon Live now has the presenter at the news desk inside of standing up.

Until January 2011 the programme included regular headline summaries presented by:

Day Presenter
Monday Gillian Joseph
Tuesday - Friday Samantha Simmonds
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