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School Anthem

HSNU's school anthem was composed during principal Huang's era by Shi Wei-Liang (史惟亮, Music Teacher). The text, in Chinese, was written by Guo Tang (郭橖, History Teacher) and Xiao Hui-Kai (蕭輝楷, Compilation Leader).

Chinese Version:



HSNU, HSNU, our cradle,
Established in Taiwan in boundless beacon war fire.
Mount Jade gives us cleverness and grandeur,
The East China Sea makes us broad-minded.
We come from far and near and integrate all our merits together.
We are loving, earnest and sincere so that teachers and students live together harmoniously.
We encourage each other to form moral character and strong bodies,
We are the backbone of the new age of China.
Elite nurtured by HSNU can take up the heavy responsibility of a new generation,
We are never afraid of difficulties.
Let's cooperate to make efforts for the rebirth of China,
Let's enlighten the land of enchanting beauty, our fatherland, with the spirit of HSNU.

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