Adullam - Adullam Caves Park

Adullam Caves Park

The Adullam Caves park is a KKL park of 50,000 dunams (12,355 acres (50.00 km2)) of mostly pine forests, which were planted in the early years of the statehood, by Jewish immigrants who settled in the Lachish region. The park was prepared for public use by the Israeli Antiquities Authority and the Jewish National Fund and is located between the three roads: Highway 375 from the north, Highway 35 from the south and Highway 38 from the west. The western part of the park, where the main entrance to the park is located, is located opposite to the entrance of Britannia Park. The eastern boundary of the park is adjacent to the Green Line.

The park contains:

  • Archaeological sites;
    • Hurvat Adullam (31°39′19.01″N 35°0′14.66″E / 31.6552806°N 35.0040722°E / 31.6552806; 35.0040722) - thought to be the site of biblical Adullam, with nearby caves.
    • Hurvat Etri (31°38′58″N 34°58′19″E / 31.6494720°N 34.9720070°E / 31.6494720; 34.9720070) - remains of a Jewish village from the 1st-2nd centuries CE, containing Mikvehs, a synagogue, a columbarium, and burial caves.
    • Hurvat Borgyn (31°38′09″N 34°58′09″E / 31.6357154°N 34.9692931°E / 31.6357154; 34.9692931) - remains of a 2nd century CE settlement, including fortifications, wells, burial caves, a wine press, and other agriculture oriented finds. Nearby is the former Arab village of Umm Burj.
    • Tel Sokho (31°40′30.81″N 34°58′1.49″E / 31.675225°N 34.9670806°E / 31.675225; 34.9670806)
  • Two marked trails for bicycle riders:
    • The "Sokho" track – a 13 km track heading towards Tel Sokho and then heads back.
    • Track "Borgyne" – a 22 km track which passes through the ancient ruins of Etri and Borgyne, and then heads back.

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