Address Unknown (1944 Film)

Address Unknown (1944 Film)

Address Unknown is a 1944 American drama film directed by William Cameron Menzies based on Kathrine Taylor's novel Address Unknown (1938). The film tells the story of two families caught up in the rise of Nazism in Germany prior to the start of World War II.

Shot in a film noir style, the film contains many elements of suspense and irony reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock. Cinematographer (Rudolph Maté) employed shadows, shapes and camera angles to create the imagery. One notable scene shows Martin Schulz (Paul Lukas) descending a staircase awaiting his arrest by the Gestapo, while behind him the shadow of a web-like criss-cross of window panes shows him being caught in his own web of deceit.

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... The film was nominated for two Academy Awards Best Score and Best Art Direction (Lionel Banks, Walter Holscher, Joseph Kish). ...

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