Actin Binding

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Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis - Causes
... This protein crosslinks bundles of actin filaments and is present in the podocyte ... in this protein associated with FSGS result in increased affinity for actin binding, formation of intracellular aggregates, and decreased protein half-life ... decreased protein half-life or increased affinity for actin binding may alter actin polymerization and thereby affect the podocytes cytoskeletal ...
Cofilin - Function
... Cofilin is a ubiquitous actin-binding factor required for the reorganization of actin filaments ... ADF/Cofilin family members bind G-actin monomers and depolymerize actin filaments through two mechanisms severing and increasing the off-rate for actin monomers ... "Older" ADP/ADP-Pi actin filaments free of tropomyosin and proper pH are required for cofilin to function effectively ...
Tropomyosin 3
... TPM3 Gene Gene Ontology Molecular function • molecular_function • actin binding Cellular component • stress fiber • cytoplasm • cytosol • cytoskeleton • muscle thin filament ... This gene encodes a member of the tropomyosin family of actin-binding proteins involved in the contractile system of striated and smooth muscles and the cytoskeleton of non-muscle cells ... proteins that polymerize end-to-end along the major groove in most actin filaments ...

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