Accumulation may refer to:

  • Accumulation: None, a 2002 lo-fi album
  • Capital accumulation, the gathering of objects of value
  • Glacier ice accumulation, an element in the glacier mass balance formula
  • Tree accumulation, in Computer Science the aggregation data placed in tree nodes according to their tree structure.

Other articles related to "accumulation, accumulations":

Lake Storm "Aphid" - Accumulation
... Albion 5 inches Brockport 3 inches Niagara Falls, New York 1 inch Locations in Canada Accumulations (cm) Fort Erie, Ontario 30 Niagara Falls, Ontario Trace Port Colborne, Ontario 15 ...
Automated Airport Weather Station - Observing Equipment - Precipitation Accumulation
... The original precipitation accumulation measuring device used for automated airport weather stations was the heated tipping bucket ... measuring frozen precipitation (particularly snow), the All Weather Precipitation Accumulation Gauge (AWPAG) was developed ...
Hailstorms - Accumulations
... while prolifically producing hail and significant depths of accumulation do occur this tends to happen in mountainous areas, such as the July 29, 2010 case of a foot of hail ... accumulated hail generally resembles one covered in accumulated snow and any significant accumulation of hail has the same restrictive effects as snow accumulation, albeit over a ...
Crystal Arthropathy
... Crystal arthropathy refers to a type of arthropathy characterized by accumulation of crystals in joints ... Types include Name Substance Birefringence Gout accumulation of uric acid negative Chondrocalcinosis aka Pseudogout accumulation of calcium pyrophosphate positive ...
Bettiah Raj - Present Condition
... the Bettiah Raj came under the ‘court of wards’, and this mammoth estate became the object of accumulation and greed, earlier by the pre-Independence administrators and later by our ... the manager of Bettiah Raj, who scripted most of the primitive accumulation and leakage, was said to have had direct patronage from a very prestigious address in Delhi ... Over the years, he diversified his accumulation, apart from eyeing the left-overs of the Bettiah Raj ...

Famous quotes containing the word accumulation:

    Creation destroys as it goes, throws down one tree for the rise of another. But ideal mankind would abolish death, multiply itself million upon million, rear up city upon city, save every parasite alive, until the accumulation of mere existence is swollen to a horror.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)

    Biologically the species is the accumulation of the experiments of all its successful individuals since the beginning.
    —H.G. (Herbert George)

    You watched and you saw what happened and in the accumulation of episodes you saw the pattern: Daddy ruled the roost, called the shots, made the money, made the decisions, so you signed up on his side, and fifteen years later when the women’s movement came along with its incendiary manifestos telling you to avoid marriage and motherhood, it was as if somebody put a match to a pile of dry kindling.
    Anne Taylor Fleming (20th century)