Accademia Del Cimento

The Accademia del Cimento (Academy of Experiment), an early scientific society, was founded in Florence in 1657 by students of Galileo, Giovanni Alfonso Borelli and Vincenzo Viviani. The foundation of Academy was funded by Prince Leopoldo and Grand Duke Ferdinando II de' Medici. The tenets of the society included:

  • Experimentation (about everything, in this early period of science)
  • Avoidance of speculation
  • Creation of laboratory instruments
  • Standards of measurement
  • Motto – Provando e riprovando Try and try again
  • A publication ’Saggi di naturali esperienze fatte nell'Academia del Cimento sotto la protezione del Serenissimo Principe Leopoldo di Toscan e descritte dal segretario di essa Accademia first published in 1666, later translated into Latin in 1731. It became the standard laboratory manual in the 18th century.

The academy was discontinued after ten years.

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