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The Scholar Ship - Academic Programs
... The Academic Steward institutions designed the TSS academic program based on five "Learning Circles" (interdisciplinary subjects) for undergraduates and three for postgraduate students ... The courses offered were directly from the college catalogs of the Academic Steward institutions ... degrees were awarded by one or more of a group of institutions around the world that accepted credit for postgraduate study aboard the Scholar Ship ...
The Scholar Ship - Academic Steward Institutions
... Ship's programming and were responsible for overseeing the quality of its academic offerings ... Students received academic credit from Macquarie University (Australia) and hands-on experience through participation in four Port Program elements Academic Field Programs Community Service Shore ... Ship's transnational learning community integrated academic, cultural, and social experiences into programs that were designed to enhance students' personal and professional development ...

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    If we focus exclusively on teaching our children to read, write, spell, and count in their first years of life, we turn our homes into extensions of school and turn bringing up a child into an exercise in curriculum development. We should be parents first and teachers of academic skills second.
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