Academic Dress of Universities in Queensland, Australia - University of The Sunshine Coast - Robes


All robes worn are Cambridge style. Black Bachelor gowns are worn by all below the rank of Master. Senior Fellows of the University however also wear these gowns.

Masters style Gowns in black are worn by Master degree holders, the Yeoman Bedell and members of the University Council. Councillors’ robes have facings in rifle green. The Bedell wears a Councillors’ robe with black ornaments.

All Doctoral degrees wear doctoral robes. The gowns of honorary Doctorates are in rifle green. Doctorates of philosophy wear a black robe with facings and sleeve linings in new red. Professional Doctorates wear a black robe with sleeve linings and facings in the colour of the faculty the degree was awarded in.

The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor wear black woollen robes with trimmings in either gold or silver respectively.

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