Academic Dress of Universities in Queensland, Australia - University of Southern Queensland - Hoods


All hoods at USQ are full Cambridge style hoods. Bachelors, Honours, Graduate and Postgraduate Diplomas and Combined degrees all wear black hoods, with a 10 cm lining of the colour of the field of study. Those taking combined degrees wear this hood but also with a recognition cord of the colour appropriate to the second field of study.

Masters, research Doctorates other than PhDs and any other non-honorary Doctorate awarded by USQ are assigned hoods fully lined with the colour of the field of study. There are several exceptions to this rule however. The Master of Business Administration hood is fully lined in grey with Indian yellow edging, the Master of Business Information Technology hood is fully lined in grey with signal red edging, and the Master of Philosophy hood is fully lined in cardinal red. Doctorates of Philosophy wear a full Cambridge style hood fully lined in cardinal red.

Those offered honorary doctorates at the university wear full Cambridge hoods with an edging 2.5 cm deep in gold satin. The Honorary Higher Doctorates hoods are lined in the colour of their field of study. Doctors of the university have hoods lined in the vitrix blue.

Members of the Council and the Chancellors do not wear hoods.

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