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Three styles of robes are worn at academic functions. The first type is a standard black Cambridge gown. It is worn by undergraduates, Associate Diploma/Degree, Diploma, Bachelors, Honors, Graduate Diploma/Certificate, and Masters Graduates.

The second type is a black Cambridge style master’s gown. This is worn by Professional Doctorate holders, Doctors of Philosophy and members of the University Council. Differences in this case are that Professional Doctorate holder’s gowns have facings in the colors of their faculty, whereas those graduating with a Doctorate of Philosophy have red facings. Councillors wear this gown with gold and cream embossed trimming and vertical gold edging.

The third type is a Cambridge doctor’s gown. These are scarlet in colour and are lined in the appropriate colors. Higher Doctorate holders wear this gown with gold linings and facings. Those who are Doctors of the University wear it with facings and linings in University Blue.

Several other distinctive gowns are worn however they are reserved to the Alumni President, the Vice-Chancellor and the Chancellor. The gown of the Alumni President is a university blue Cambridge gown embellished with 1 cm wide silver braid. The Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors robes are university blue and Cambridge patterned. The facings, sleeve edges, shoulders and collar are embellished with braids. These braids’ design is based on the floral emblem of Queensland, the Cooktown Orchid. The differences between the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor are in the color of the braid, gold for the Chancellor and silver for the Vice-Chancellor.

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