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Professional American Football Championship Games
1900 Homestead AC 30, Akron East Ends 1901 ... Homestead AC 18, Philadelphia Athletics 1902 ... (NFL1902) - Pittsburgh Stars 11, Philadelphia Athletics 1902 ... (WSF) - All-Syracuse 36, Orange AC 0 1902. 2009 UFL Championship Game - 11/26/09 Las Vegas Locomotives 20, Florida Tuskers 17 (OT) 2009 (NFL) - Super Bowl XLIV - 2/7/10 NFC New Orleans Saints 31 ...
DRG Locomotive Classification - Electric Locomotives
... The renumbering of electric locomotives followed in 1926/1927 and used a similar scheme as that employed for the steam locomotives, with a main class number and a ... They were distinguished from steam locomotives by a preceding letter E ... E 90–99 six or more driving axles If the characteristics and design were otherwise the same, locomotives with a side-rod drive were given lower ...

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    The flower-fed buffaloes of the spring
    In the days of long ago,
    Ranged where the locomotives sing
    And the prairie flowers lie low:—
    Vachel Lindsay (1879–1931)