Abana may refer to:

  • Abana River, a biblical river near Damascus
  • Abana, Kastamonu, a district of Kastamonu Province, Turkey
  • Abana, Quebec, a locality in Quebec, Canada
  • Steve Abana (born 1969), Solomon Islands politician
  • Abana (film) - A 1958 Sindhi film
  • Abana (barque), a ship wrecked at Blackpool in 1894

Other articles related to "abana":

Steve Abana
... Steve William Abana (born 1969 in Fourau, Malaita) is a Solomon Islands politician ... Abana studied at the Fiji College of Agriculture (FCA), where he obtained a Diploma in Tropical Agriculture ... month, the Sogavare government was toppled by a motion of no confidence, and Abana supported new Prime Minister Derek Sikua, who re-appointed him as Minister for National Planning and Aid Coordination ...
Democratic Party (Solomon Islands)
2010 general election, party leader Steve Abana campaigned on a promise of "more recognition to tribal landowners by registering all tribal lands in the ... obtained more than three seats.) Democratic MP and leader Steve Abana then sought to be elected Prime Minister by his peers ... Four days later, on August 31, Abana officially became Leader of the Opposition, and appointed a Shadow Cabinet, in which Democrats held ten of the nineteen Shadow ...
Abana (barque) - Loss
... The Abana was sailing from Liverpool to Savannah, Georgia when she was caught in a storm in the Irish Sea ... The lifeboat had a crew of 16, and the Abana had a crew of 17, all of whom were taken on board along with the ship's dog, which belonged to Captain ... The remains of the Abana can still be seen at low tide at Little Bispham and the ship's bell hangs in St ...
Abana, Kastamonu - History
... Abana is the oldest town of Kastamonu, once a part of Paphlagonia, the town was ruled by the Danishmends, the Seljuk Turks, the Jandarid dynasty, and finally Ottomans ...
Blackpool Shipwrecks - Abana - 1894
... On 22 December 1894, the Norwegian ship, Abana was sailing from Liverpool to Florida but was caught up in a storm and mistook the then recently built Blackpool Tower for a lighthouse ... The Abana was first seen off North Pier but by the time the lifeboat, which had to be towed by horse from Blackpool to Bispham, had been launched it had drifted to Little Bispham where ... The remains of the Abana are still visible at low tide on the beach at Little Bispham ...