Aaron Willard - Clock-models


Although the clocks had been relatively expensive, both Willard brothers strove to compact the traditional 18th century British type of longcase clock. They simplified its action-mechanism and, for casing, they used specifically tailored wooden frames—which were uncomplicated for either manufacturing or assembling.

Their new smaller models were relatively economic. Therefore, sales rose quickly, and the Willard brothers supplied clocks to both public and domestic consumers.

Aaron Willard's models were:

  • Tall clock (Grandfather-Clock)
  • Massachusetts Shelf clock
  • Willard Patent Timepiece (Banjo-Clock)
  • Gallery Clock
  • Regulator clock
  • 30 hour wall clock (Grafton timepiece)

On every unit, Aaron Willard spelled his signature out, over either the dial or the glass-panel.

  • Aaron Willard's Shelf Clock

  • Aaron Willard's Lyre Clock

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