Aaron Ben Meïr

Aaron ben Meïr was a Jewish rabbi, and a Nasi (head of the Sanhedrin) of the Palestinian Gaonate in the first half of the tenth century. His name was brought to light by several fragments discovered in various genizoth (the store-room or depository in a synagogue (or cemetery), usually specifically for worn-out Hebrew-language books that were stored before they could receive a proper cemetery burial). The fragments contain an account of a controversy between Ben Meïr and the Talmudic Academies in Babylonia regarding the Hebrew calendar.

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Aaron Ben Meïr - Details
... Ben Meïr asserted that the first day of Tishrei should be the day of the new moon unless the new moon occurred more than 642 parts (35 2⁄3 minutes, where a "part ... An alternative explanation for the 642 parts is that ben Meir may have believed, along with many earlier Jewish scholars, in a Creation theology placing Creation in the spring season, and that the ...

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