AAG - Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

  • AAG (1900 automobile), a German automotive company
  • AAG (1906 automobile), a German automotive company

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Automotive Industry By Country - North America - Canada
... Main article Automotive industry in Canada Canada is currently the 11th largest auto producer in the World with 2.1 million annual output, down from 7th place with 3 million peak a few years ago ... The Canadian auto industry traces its roots to the very beginning of the automobile ... Driven by the demands of World War I, Canada's automotive industry had grown, by 1923, into the second-largest in the world, although it was still made up of ...
Automotive Industry Action Group
... Automotive Industry Action Group, also known as AIAG, is a not-for profit association founded in 1982 and based in Southfield, Michigan originally created to develop ... mission statement reads AIAG is a catalyst for the global automotive industries efforts to establish a seamless efficient and responsible supply chain ... of the three largest North American automotive manufacturers Ford, General Motors and Chrysler ...
Automobile Industry In China - History - 1980 To 1990
... The passenger car industry was a minor part of vehicle production during the first three decades of China’s socialist economy ... and three small joint-ventures Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation - Volkswagen Volkswagen Santana mid-size/compact car ... See also Volkswagen Group China Beijing Automotive Industry - Hyundai Motor - DaimlerChrysler Jeep Cherokee (XJ) ...
Two Wheelers In India - History
... An embryonic automotive industry emerged in India in the 1940s ... in 1947, the Government of India and the private sector launched efforts to create an automotive component manufacturing industry to supply to the automobile industry ... Total restrictions for import of vehicles was set and after 1970 the automotive industry started to grow, but the growth was mainly driven by tractors, commercial vehicles and scooters ...
Electrophoretic Deposition - History of Electrophoretic Painting
... The first commercial anodic automotive system began operations in 1963 ... The first cathodic EPD use in the automotive industry was in 1975 ... is the cathodic EPD type, largely due to the high usage of the technology in the automotive industry ...

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