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A Complete includes all of Hamasaki's A-side single tracks since her first single "Poker Face" up to "Mirrorcle World". Many tracks on the album have been remastered such as "M", "Audience", "Poker Face", and "To Be". Shortly after the release of A Complete Hamasaki announced that the Taiwanese version will include a Chinese version of "Who...". The album sold 538,876 copies by the end of the first week, debuting at #1 making it Hamasaki's first release to sell over 500,000 copies since My Story except (Miss)understood's combined first and second week sales due to Oricon's 51 week rule. A Complete debuted at #7 in Taiwan in its first official week of release and climbed to #2 in its second week, with 7.61% off all album and single sales. However, A Complete maintained the top position on Taiwan's G-MUSIC chart with over 50.74% of all Japanese albums and singles sale in Taiwan. It remained top on Taiwan's Japanese Pop Chart for 5 weeks.

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