7.5 Cm Pak 97/38 - Ammunition


It is not clear if German AP shells for Pak 97/38 were produced. Polish AP shells were used in limited numbers.

The Finnish Army used locally produced ones designated 75 psa - Vj4 and possibly old French ones designated 75 pspkrv 59/66-ps. The 75 psa - Vj4 penetrated 92 mm at 300 m, meet angle 90°.

The HEAT projectiles penetrated about 90 mm at meet angle 90° or about 75 mm at meet angle 60°.

Available ammunition
Type Model Weight, kg HE weight, g Muzzle velocity, m/s Range, m
Armor-piercing shells
AP, Polish 7.5 cm K.Gr. Pz.(p) 6.8 570 1,500
HEAT shells
HEAT 7.5 cm Gr.38/97Hl/A(f) 4.4
HEAT 7.5 cm Gr.38/97Hl/B(f) 4.57 450 1,500
HEAT 7.5 cm Gr.15/38Hl/B(f) 4.4
High explosive and fragmentation shells
HE-Frag, French 7.5 cm Sprgr.233/1(f) 6.19 577 10,000
HE-Frag, French 7.5 cm Sprgr.230/1(f) 5.44 545 7,600
HE-Frag, French 7.5 cm Sprgr.231/1(f) 5.44 557 7,600
HE-Frag, French 7.5 cm Sprgr.236/1(f) 6.6 10,000

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