334 (novel) - Characters


  • Mrs. Hanson: An elderly widow living at 334. Mother to Lottie, Shrimp, and Boz.
  • Lottie Hanson: An unemployed single mother living at 334.
  • Shrimp Hanson: Considered genetically desirable for her unusual intelligence, therefore has a free pass from the government to have children, although she is actually motivated by a fetish for artificial insemination.
  • Boz Hanson: Unemployed, former resident of 334, managed to leave by marrying Milly.
  • Milly Holt: A professional sex demonstrator for the high schools. Was Birdie's girlfriend, now married to Boz.
  • Ab Holt: Manages the morgue at Bellevue Hospital. Milly's father.
  • Birdie Ludd: A high-school student living as a "temp" in a stairwell of 334.
  • Frances Schaap: A prostitute living at 334. Like many people in the 2020s, she has lupus.
  • Alexa Miller: A MODICUM administrator, responsible for the Hansons.
  • Tancred Miller: Alexa's son.
  • Amparo Martinez: Lottie's daughter.
  • Bill Harper, aka Little Mister Kissy Lips: Son of a television executive, classmate of Tancred and Amparo.

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