25 Cm Schwerer Minenwerfer

The 25 cm schwerer Minenwerfer (German name for "mine launcher"), often abbreviated as 25 cm sMW, was a heavy trench mortar developed for use by engineer troops during the Russo-Japanese War of 1905. This class of weapon was for destroying bunkers and fortifications that were otherwise immune to normal artillery. Heavy mortars were used by engineers to clear obstacles such as bunkers and barbed wire,and other obstacles that longer range artillery could not target.

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25 Cm Schwerer Minenwerfer - Service
... penetrating fortifications as the largest siege guns in the German inventory, including the 42 cm Dicke Bertha (Big Bertha), a howitzer that was more than 50 times ... The new mortar was designated 25 cm schwerer Minenwerfer neuer Art (German for "new pattern"), which was abbreviated as 25 cm Smw n/A ... The older, short-barrel model was then designated as 25 cm Smw a/A (alter Art)(German for " old pattern." It is unclear what benefit this change had over ...