2008 Belmont Stakes - Payout


Pgm Horse Win Place Show
6 Da'Tara $79.00 28.00 14.80
4 Denis of Cork 5.40 4.10
8 (DH) Anak Nakal 7.60
9 (DH) Ready's Echo 6.20
  • $2 Exacta (6-4) Paid $659.00
  • $2 Trifecta (6-4-8) Paid $3,703.00
  • $2 Trifecta (6-4-9) Paid $3,954.00
  • $2 Superfecta (6-4-8-9) Paid $48,637.00
  • $2 Superfecta (6-4-9-8) Paid $47,309.00

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