2008–2010 European Nations Cup Second Division

2008–2010 European Nations Cup Second Division

The European Nations Cup Second division 2008-2010 is the second tier of the European Championship for developing Rugby Union nations.

It is made up of two divisions with 5 teams in each division. Due to changes in the structure of the European Nations Cup for the 2010-2012 competition, no team will be relegated from Division 2A or 2B. The winner of Division 2A gets promoted to Division One and the winner of Division 2B will get promoted to Division 2A.

The leader of Division 2B at the end of the 2008-2009 season, and the champion of Division 2A at the end of the competition, will have the opportunity to participate in qualification for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

The former champions of Division 2A were Germany who have been replaced by the relegated Czech Republic. Poland won Division 2B and were promoted to Division 2A in place of the Netherlands. Sweden was promoted from Division 3A to replace the relegated Andorra.

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2008–2010 European Nations Cup Second Division - Division 2B
... Qualified for 2011 RWC Qualifying Place Nation Games Points Table points played won drawn lost for against difference 1 Netherlands (34) 90 ... +129 22 2 ...

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