2005 Rolex Transatlantic Challenge

The 2005 Rolex Transatlantic Challenge was celebrated at the 100th anniversary of the 1905 race for the Kaiser's Cup also known as "The Great Ocean Race". In this race, there was a skipper named Charlie Barr who raced the 3-masted schooner called Atlantic across the Ocean for nearly 3,000 nautical miles (6,000 km) of the North Atlantic to set a monohull unbeaten record for the 1905 course of exactly only 12 days, 4 hours, 1 minute and 19 seconds.

In the years that followed, other yachts made the same west-east Atlantic crossing in much faster times but not, however, in any official race, this was not to happen until the 2005 Rolex Transatlantic Challenge. The Atlantic held her title for 100 years, making it the oldest record recognized by the World Sailing Speed Record Council of the ISAF.

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2005 Rolex Transatlantic Challenge - The Race Course
... The 2005 Rolex Transatlantic Challenge began May 22nd at a point near Ambrose Tower off Sandy Hook, New Jersey, in the vicinity of the former Sandy Hook Lightship ... Lightship Ambrose was a starting point for many transatlantic record attempts ... The 2005 Rolex Transatlantic Challenge was open to monohull yachts whose deck lengths were 70 feet (21 m) long or greater ...

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