2004 Palm Island Death in Custody - Investigation - District Court Appeal

District Court Appeal

In September 2008 Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley's lawyers appealed Coroner Christine Clements findings (September 2006) that he had killed Mulrunji with three fatal punches

On 17 December 2008 District Court Judge Bob Pack, in Townsville, ruled that Coroner Christine Clement's finding "..was against the weight of the evidence..", so upholding Chris Hurley's appeal, requiring a new Coronial Inquiry and outraging local Aboriginal peoples who fear this will "..only dig up buried bones.."

Aboriginal activist Gracelyn Smallwood publicly criticized Chris Hurley's appeal and the District Court's decision, reportedly saying:

"Here we are in the most racist part of Australia, with brother Mulrunji dead in a police station, with other brothers in jail over the riot, and the police and the government getting off scot-free ... This is simply a disgrace, bully boys getting their own way while Aboriginal people suffer."

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