1998 Tickford 500 - Official Results

Official Results

Race results were as follows:

Pos Class No Team Drivers Car Laps Qual
1 OC 11 Castrol Perkins Racing Larry Perkins
Russell Ingall
Holden VT Commodore 147 7 10
2 OC 1 Holden Racing Team Craig Lowndes
Mark Skaife
Holden VT Commodore 147 1 2
3 OC 18 Dick Johnson Racing John Bowe
Cameron McConville
Ford EL Falcon 147 5 3
4 OC 5 Glenn Seton Racing Glenn Seton
Neil Crompton
Ford EL Falcon 145 6 5
5 OC 4 Stone Brothers Racing Jason Bright
Steven Richards
Ford EL Falcon 145 3 4
6 OC 50 Holden Racing Team Greg Murphy
Mark Noske
Holden VS Commodore 145 2 1
7 OC 35 Garry Rogers Motorsport Jason Bargwanna
Jim Richards
Holden VS Commodore 144 8 9
8 OC 7 Gibson Motor Sport Darren Hossack
Darren Pate
Holden VS Commodore 143 16
9 OC 32 Tomas Mezera Motorsport Tomas Mezera
Terry Finnigan
Holden VT Commodore 143 17
10 OC 2 Gibson Motor Sport David Parsons
Simon Wills
Holden VS Commodore 143 22
11 OC 10 Larkham Motor Sport Mark Larkham
Brad Jones
Ford EL Falcon 142 4 6
12 CT 3 Lansvale Racing Team Steve Reed
Trevor Ashby
Holden VS Commodore 141 23
13 OC 49 Greg Crick Motorsport Greg Crick
Dean Crosswell
Holden VS Commodore 139 21
14 OC 16 Castrol Perkins Racing Melinda Price
Kerryn Brewer
Holden VS Commodore 138 24
15 CT 99 Clive Wiseman Racing Mick Donaher
Dean Lindstrom
Holden VS Commodore 133 26
16 OC 38 James Rosenberg Racing Mark Poole
Tony Scott
Holden VS Commodore 133 13
17 OC 46 John Faulkner Racing John Faulkner
Todd Kelly
Holden VS Commodore 131 33
18 CT 54 Simon Emerzidis Simon Emerzidis
Garry Willmington
Ford EL Falcon 128 25
19 CT 14 Imrie Motor Sport Mike Imrie
Rodney Crick
Holden VS Commodore 127 31
20 CT 72 Robert Smith Racing Robert Smith
Bruce Williams
Holden VS Commodore 123 27
21 CT 48 Rod Smith Racing D'arcy Russell
Colin Ivory
Holden VS Commodore 121 30
22 OC 79 Cadillac Productions Mike Conway
Chris Hones
Ford EL Falcon 119 29
DNF OC 75 John Sidney Racing Anthony Tratt
Bob Jones
Ford EL Falcon 125 20
DNF OC 43 Paul Weel Racing Paul Weel
Neal Bates
Ford EL Falcon 122 18
NC OC 8 Perkins Engineering Dugal McDougall
Jason Wylie
Holden VS Commodore 109 19
DNF CT 55 Rod Nash Racing Rod Nash
Darren Edwards
Holden VS Commodore 102 28
DNF OC 17 Dick Johnson Racing Dick Johnson
Steven Johnson
Ford EL Falcon 99 9 8
DNF CT 77 V8 Racing Richard Mork
Bill Sieders
Holden VP Commodore 94 32
DNF OC 96 Wayne Gardner Racing Wayne Gardner
Paul Stokell
Holden VS Commodore 73 14
DNF OC 34 Garry Rogers Motorsport Garth Tander
Cameron McLean
Holden VS Commodore 30 12
DNF OC 25 Tony Longhurst Racing Tony Longhurst
Geoff Brabham
Ford EL Falcon 7 10 7
DNF OC 24 Romano Racing Paul Romano
Steve Ellery
Holden VR Commodore 6 15
DNF OC 9 Tony Longhurst Racing Alan Jones
Adam Macrow
Ford EL Falcon 0 11

Note: The race was scheduled to be run over 161 laps, however the slower lap times dictated by the wet weather conditions resulted in the race being shorted after reaching its three hour 45 minute time limit.

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