1995 in Music - Events - July–August


  • July 3 - The members of TLC file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, declaring debts of over $3.5 million.
  • July 9 - The Grateful Dead performs its final show with Jerry Garcia at Soldier Field in Chicago.
  • July 14 - George Michael and Sony Music complete their acrimonious split. In 1994 Michael lost a lawsuit seeking to be released from his Sony contract, but he vowed to never sing for the company again. Michael will now record for the new label DreamWorks Records.
  • July 17 - Robbie Williams announces he is quitting Take That.
  • August 9
    • Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead passes away of a heart attack at age 53. In cities all over the United States, deadheads spontaneously gather to mourn his death and celebrate his life.
    • Kiss performs on MTV Unplugged. The band's current lineup is joined by original members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, setting the stage for the band's reunion tour the following year.
  • August 12 – The Offspring's Dexter Holland marries hairstylist Kristine Luna, who co-wrote one of the band's songs "Session".
  • August 22 – Rancid release their third studio album ...And Out Come the Wolves. Along with Green Day's Dookie and The Offspring's Smash (both released a year before), this album helped revive mainstream popular interest in punk rock in the mid-1990s, and becomes one of the best-selling independent records of all time. ...And Out Come the Wolves eventually goes platinum.
  • August 28
    • Oingo Boingo announce that they will break up following a series of Halloween shows in Los Angeles, California, USA. Lead singer Danny Elfman has established a career scoring motion pictures.
    • The official end of Sarah Records is marked with a farewell party featuring live sets by many of the label's acts. It was the last live appearance by The Orchids before they split up.
  • August 29 - Al Jourgensen and Mike Scaccia of Ministry are arrested for heroin possession in two separate incidents in Texas.

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