1993 Centennial Cup - The Playoffs - Round Robin - Results


Amherst Ramblers defeated Chateauguay Elites 2-1
Kelowna Spartans defeated Chateauguay Elites 8-3
Antigonish Bulldogs defeated Flin Flon Bombers 4-2
Kelowna Spartans defeated Antigonish Bulldogs 10-4
Amherst Ramblers defeated Flin Flon Bombers 6-0
Kelowna Spartans defeated Amherst Ramblers 5-2
Chateauguay Elites defeated Flin Flon Bombers 5-1
Amherst Ramblers defeated Antigonish Bulldogs 5-4
Kelowna Spartans defeated Flin Flon 4-3 for the Abbott Cup
Chateauguay Elites defeated Antigonish Bulldogs 4-3 in Double Overtime

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