1972 Hurricane Agnes Tornado Outbreak

1972 Hurricane Agnes Tornado Outbreak

The 1972 Hurricane Agnes tornado outbreak, the third deadliest outbreak associated with a tropical cyclone in the United States since 1900, was the deadliest tornado outbreak related to a tropical cyclone in Florida. The outbreak, produced by Hurricane Agnes, lasted for 14.6 hours from June 18 to June 19. In all, the outbreak resulted in 30 tornadoes in Florida and Georgia, including 6 F0 events, 12 F1 events, 10 F2 events, and two F3 events on the Fujita scale. Originally, only fifteen tornadoes were confirmed. Two of the tornadoes killed seven people and were not officially classified as tornadoes in the National Weather Service records. In Florida alone, the outbreak inflicted at least 140 injuries and destroyed fifteen homes, while 119 homes received damage. In that state, 217 trailers were destroyed and 196 trailers incurred damage. Additionally, six Florida businesses were destroyed, while six others were damaged.

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