1971 Major League Baseball All-Star Game - Game Notes and Records

Game Notes and Records

Vida Blue was credited with the win. Dock Ellis was credited with the loss. Mickey Lolich was credited with the save.

All of the scoring came via the home run, and all six home runs hit in the game were by future Hall of Fame players The six total home runs hit by both teams tied an All-Star Game record.

Frank Robinson became the first player in All-Star Game history to hit home runs for both leagues over the course of his career.

Reggie Jackson's home run is described as "especially memorable", as it hit one of the light standards on the roof of the stadium, credibly estimated to have landed 520 feet from home plate.

Roberto Clemente would be named to the 1972 National League squad, but would be replaced due to injury. This game marked his final All-Star Game appearance.

A total of 25 future Hall of Famers were present for this game: 21 players, both managers, National League coach Walt Alston, and Hall of Fame umpire Doug Harvey.

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