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Artillery Regiments

  • 101st Field Artillery Regiment, a unit of the United States Army

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107 Mm Gun M1910/30 - Organization and Service - Red Army
... The M1910/30 guns were issued to corps artillery ... In 1941, three variants of corps artillery regiments existed Two battalions of 152 mm howitzer-guns M1937 (ML-20) (24 pieces) and one battalion of 107 mm guns (12 ... September 1941 rifle corps of the RKKA were disbanded, therefore corps level artillery ceased to exist ...
Austro-Hungarian Army in July 1914 - The Common Army (k.u.k. - Kaiserlich Und K├Âniglich)
... Brigades 8 Cavalry Divisions - 16 Cavalry Brigades 102 Infantry Regiments (four battalions each) - 4 Bosnian-Herzegovinian (Bosnisch-Hercegowinische ... Festungsartillerie Bataillone) 15 Regiments of Dragoons (Dragoner) - 16 Regiments of Hussars (Husaren) - 11 Regiments of Lancers (Ulanen) 16 Transportation Battalions (Railroad) 23 Engineers ...
Cappello Alpino - Description - The Nappina - Artillery
... The Mountain Artillery units of the Alpine troops carry a green nappina with a black or yellow roundel on which the number of the battery or the type ... The units in service, which carry an Artillery nappina, are the 1st Mountain Artillery Regiment 2nd Mountain Artillery Regiment 3rd Mountain Artillery Regiment Nappina Description Units Italian unit ...
Coats Of Arms Of U.S. Artillery Regiments
... Coats of arms of US Artillery regiments are heraldic emblems associated with field artillery, air defense artillery, and coast artillery regiments in the US Army ... Under Army Regulation 840-10, each regiment and separate table of organization and equipment (TOE) battalion of the US Army is authorized a coat of ... The coats of arms for artillery units normally incorporate the color red, which has been the traditional color of the Artillery Branch in the US Army since the formation of the Corps of Artillery in 1777 ...
Colours, Standards And Guidons - Guns
... In regiments of the (British) Royal Artillery, and artillery regiments of other Commonwealth countries, the guns are afforded the status of colours ... This is due to the difficulty of artillery regiments being able to carry flags onto the battlefield, and the fact that the guns themselves were the rallying points for the soldiers manning them ... As a consequence, whenever artillery regiments parade, the etiquette that would normally be applied to the colours is applied to the guns ...

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