ǂAkhoe Dialect

ǂAkhoe Dialect

ǂAkhoe is a dialect Haiǁom, in turn part of the Khoekhoe dialect continuum. In the sparsely available material on the subject, ǂAkhoe and Haiǁom have been considered a variant of the Khoekhoe language, as separate dialects (Haacke et al. 1997), as virtual synonyms of a single variant (Heikinnen, n.d.), or as "a way in which some Haiǁom speak their language in the northern part of Namibia" (Widlock, n.d.).

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ǂAkhoe Dialect - Phonology - Vowels
... ǂAkhoe Haiǁom has a total of 12 vowel phonemes ... These can be divided into monophthongs and diphtongs, with a further subdivision into oral and nasal pronunciation ...

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